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Microblading vs Combo Brows

  • Microbading - a semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows, in which pigment is scratched into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles. Not recommended for those with oily skin, as the strokes will blur and fade faster.
    Microblading alone will not achieve a “makeup look”, it’s meant solely to create “little hairs”.

  • Combo Brows - a combination of manual shading technique and the hair stroke microblading technique. This gives the eyebrow more fullness and definition. Perfect for those with oily skin.
    Microblading alone will never give you the “makeup look”, implementing shading with the strokes with the Combo Brow, you can say goodbye to that eyebrow pencil.

***PLEASE read over the health & medication contraindications before booking. Located on my policy page***

  • Microblading - $350

  • 6 week Perfecting Touch Up - $50
    *following initial microblading procedure*

  • Lash Line Enhancement - $150

  • Combo Brows (Microblading/Shading) - $400

  • Color refresh (done yearly on previous clients only) - $250

    non-refundable retainer deposit required when booking *

Lash Line Enhancement


Microblading Information

What exactly is microblading?

A semi-permeant make-up technique.  Microblading employs the use of a hand-tool that holds about 6-14 needles.  Those needles are simultaneously used to drop pigment into the skin’s base membrane while making individual strokes.  These individual strokes simulate hair strands of the eyebrow.
When done properly and following aftercare, it creates a soft and natural illusion of a real brow.

Microblading vs Tattoo  What’s the Difference?

There is a big difference.  Tattoos use ink. Microblading uses pigment.  The consistency of ink is watery compared to the pigments used in microblading.  Ink tends to move under the skin causing the strokes not be as clear and crisp as a microblading pigment.  Tattooing is executed with an electric needle. Microblading uses a manual (non- electric) microblading pen with multiple needles. Strokes will be clearer and more defined with a microblading pen vs and electric needle.

Can microblading cover or disguise old cosmetic tattooing?
That depends. If you have a very faded older tattoo it can be reworked with this method, if the artist is up for it. Results can be unpredictable, especially if there is a lot of scar tissue from the old tattoo. Be sure to discuss this with your artist during your consultation.

What does the aftercare and healing process look like? Are there any particular products you would recommend?
Aftercare for cosmetics are pretty different from regular tattoos. I'm sure every artist has a different healing method. The most important thing for these fine-line brows is they must be kept extremely dry. No water or sweating for the first 10 days post treatment, so you have to be careful washing your face, in the shower, and working out. Moisture will make your lines bleed together, change color, or fall out.
At the end of your session, you'll leave my studio with squeaky clean brows that are treated with an 'aftercare' cream.
They form a thin, delicate scab and seal up overnight. Then they heal from the inside out and they shouldn't get wet or really be touched for a good five days. Between days 5-10, they peel and flake, at that point a little dab of coconut oil once a day is all I recommend if they feel itchy and tight.

Due to the nature of thin facial skin it really takes about 6 weeks for the brows to totally settle in.

The brows through different phases:

  • Day 1: Fresh, crisp and perfect

  • Days 2-5: Oxidized, appear darker and filled in appearance

  • Days 5-10: peeling flaking and shedding a top layer

  • Days 10-20: lines surrounded by white, milky fresh skin, brows appear faded or as if they have entirely disappeared.

  • Days 20-30: the new skin heals around the lines and the color and shape blooms back to the surface

    Is microblading safe for someone who has particularly sensitive skin?
    Results may not be optimal if your skin is very sensitive. For example, if you bleed a lot, the pigment won't hold as well.

    Is there any chance someone could have an allergic reaction to the pigment used?
    There's always a chance for allergic reaction when placing foreign substances in or around the body. If someone thinks they may be allergic or too sensitive, I offer a patch test a week prior to the tattoo appointment.

    What does upkeep look like? Is this something that has to be retouched on a semi-regular basis, and if so how often?
    Yes, there's upkeep. But it's pretty minimal. A set of brows includes an initial touch up 6 weeks after the first appointment and then, depending on your skin type and lifestyle, will need to be freshened up maybe once a year. If your skin is super oily and you love the beach, your brows will fade out quick.

    What are some important things to keep in mind before microblading?
    Definitely make sure you can commit to the aftercare rules, and choose a time when it will be convenient for you. Like a week before a wedding or right before a beach vacation — not good timing! Give yourself at least a few weeks healing before any major plans.

    Also, cosmetic tattoos will need some maintenance if you want them looking their best, so count on revisiting your artist at least once a year for a touch up.

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